Your Magnet – Magnet Stands For Any Gadgets With Glossy Flat Surface

An interesting magnet stand has popped out at YankoDesign. It’s the usual ‘U’ shaped magnet made from rubber with both of its ends equipped with sticky suction cups.


Despite of its simplicity, this Your Magnet by Lufdesign is actually quite amazing. Not only you can use it as your iPhone stand in many position, you can also use it on various kind of gadgets with glossy surface where the suction cup would work on. These also includes porcelain cup and laptop for managing cables. Check out the following picture for more details:


According to the designer, this magnet stand is made with PC and PUR material, and it will be available in various kind of colors including Red, Scarlet, Chocolate, Grey and Lime. Currently, it’s not yet available and if it has become available, I doubt it would hit America any sooner unless someone pick up this idea and create themselves.

interested to get one? It’s available for $7 + shipping. Head on over to LufDesign website for the details.

[via YankoDesign]

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