Chirp Undercover Alarm Clock Wake You Up With Vibration

I’ve been using my smartphone to wake me up by using silent vibration for a long time now. It’s pretty useful as I don’t have to wake somebody else up from their sleep as I’m an early-waker. However, some people might thing that placing a cell phone beside or beneath the pillow is bad for health since the signal is definitely there and might disturb our sleep pattern. If you are in this category, but you still want to use vibration to wake yourself up, you can check out this new Chirp Undercover Alarm Clock.


Unlike any ordinary alarm clock, this Chirp Undercover alarm clock is a two-part alarm clock coming with a vibrating pillow case clip. What you need to do is to clip the the vibrating device onto your pillow, set the alarm and go get a sleep. Once the alarm set off, the vibrating pillowcase clip will vibrates calling your soul back to your body and wake your up :)


  • Vibrating alarm clips onto pillowcase to wake you up gently and docks onto clock
  • Backup alarm clock will sound if vibration does not wake you
  • Backlit display clocks show time and scheduled alarm
  • Smooth touch buttons on top and slide switch on side make for easy control
  • Curved tray holds small items secure

This Chirp Undercover Alarm Clock is currently available for $39.99 at Quirky website.

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