Piggy Bank Styled Power Strip

No idea how would you think about the nose of a pig. I’ve always thought that it look like a hole for power outlet, for power plug to fit on. :)

Well, it’s funny isn’t it? But that idea has been greatly taken care by designer at Art Lebedev Studio. This was expressed out by their latest gadget design called Piggy Bank Styled Power Strip, in love pink color.


As if there are bunch of noses embossed from the pink body. The Piggy has no face or eyes like what it used to be as a piggy bank for storing your coins and bank notes.

This Piggy Power Strip is capable of handling 17 plugs all at once without causing fire or short circuit. It has an internal circuit breaker that will protect the user from dangers of overloading.



It’s so cute, but sadly you won’t find in anywhere as it’s not ready for sale yet.

[via GadgetsIn]

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