Calling All Ice Cream Sandwich Lovers – The Statue Is Up At Google’s Playground

Google crews has recently set up the new statue or mascot in their office’s park together with all of the previous mascots like Gingerbread and HoneyComb.


This time, they are putting up the next gen Android OS mascot – the Ice Cream Sandwitch which look like a little dark brown guy playing in the ice field. I can say it’s the fattest mascot of all, and many holes in its face.

Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich is the long awaited OS that will bridge the gaps between the two OSes, Gingerbread for mobile phone and Honeycomb for tablet. This Android 4.0 will be the first OS from Google that have been optimized for both mobile phone and tablet interface. Soon we will get more information regarding this new OS, but for now, just enjoy the setting up of the giant yummy ice cream sandwich found in the following video:

Now I can’t keep thinking that in the future, this park is going to be a park filled with weird and fun shaped mascots if Google keep on releasing new gen of Android OS. Will the park even hold them all in the future?


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