iHome iHM61W Color Changing iPod Portable Speaker

We have seen quite a lot of spring-shaped speakers in the past, but by far this iHome iHM61 color changing portable speaker is the prettiest of all. Not only it’s cute (because it’s small – palm friendly), this iHome iHM61W has a center that could glow in many colors. The color can be set to change on its own regularly or it can be fixed on certain color of your choice.


Despite of its mini size, this iHome iHM61W is said to be able to deliver a good bass and volume. I can’t believe that without testing one, but since our authority source has stated so, I would like to believe that for a sec.

The color changing mode will let the LED inside the spring to glow in blue, green, red, amber and repeating infinitely. Once you are tired of listening to your song, you can compact the size of the speaker by pushing and shortening the top to its base and lock it down. It should be pretty friendly to your bag or suitcase and it’s nice for traveling.

This iHome iHM61W color changing mini speaker has been priced at $25.99 USD at their official site. However, mysteriously I can’t find the buy button for this product…

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