iTar – iPad Guitar Concept Design

Interesting idea over at Kickstarter has suggested us to turn our iPad into an electronic guitar. The idea is called iTar, which is an interactive dock with a complete fretboard. There is no string in this guitar, luckily. In exchange for the strings, iTar uses button-based guitar fredboard patented by Starr Labs.


Using this iTar, you can strum on your guitar, tap on keys, shake maraca, drumming, and many more. This iTar will make your fingertips as busy as it can to generate tunes of your choice.

The creator, Harvey Starr is raising fun at Kickstarter. Currently, there are 30 backers, with about 10% of the goal has been reached. The deadline is on December 6th, so if you think this iTar is a great idea to spoil your finger tips, you can pledge on this project at Kictstarter now. Depending on how much you pledge, you’ll get different stuffs and service in return.


[via KickStarter]

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