Drop Test on iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II – Feel The Might Of Gorilla Glass!

With the release of the iPhone 4S, it is sure that people want to know how strong this new phone when facing its critical moment. Recently, SquareTrade has done a kind of “harsh test” in form of dropping this new smartphone from a certain height to a concrete surface to see how it would survive the test. Along with the test, the crews have also taken the Samsung Galaxy S II Android smartphone into the test for comparison.


Sadly, the result turned out to be pretty disappointing. More details after the jump.

It appears that iPhone 4S screen is not yet resistant to drop from waist or shoulder height. The first drop has shattered the glass and the second flat face drop has break the the screen completely. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone suffer only minor damages on the frame from the drop tests. That’s all thanks to the gorilla glass treatment and plastic frame on the smartphone.

Now we know how fragile a smartphone without gorilla glass is, would you still want to get a smartphone without this feature?

[via GeekyGadgets]

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  • Lauwersp

    well… it’s not JUST gorilla glass that’s important… cause the iPhone 4/4S has gorilla glass.

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