Foldable Digital Grand Piano: Flat-Packable Piano Concept

Unlike any grand piano you would found in the music instrument store that is made of wood, heavy, and expensive, this concept of Foldable Digital Grand Piano by Korean designers (Yun Jin-yeong and Jeong Seong-hun) is actually quite portable and should be cheaper.


From the look above, it doesn’t show you how portable the piano is. However, the following picture will show you the condition when the grand piano is in folded position.


See? Both the piano and the chair can be folded into a thin piece of layer that would save a lot of space for delivery process or storing. Of course, we are unable to ensure that the sound produced by this digital grand piano is better than the original one that uses real strings. But at least it should become a nice and affordable solution for the budget-strict musicians who can’t afford the expensive wood-made grand piano.



However, it’s sad because this foldable digital grand piano is just a concept for a moment.

[via YankoDesign]

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