What?Gravity Mobile Phone Holder

We have seen one of this type of gadget holder in the past called Gel Sticker Holder and Anti Slip Gadget Holder, but this What?Gravity is an improved version that could work as if the stuffs you place on the surface has an anti-gravity effect.


What?Gravity mobile phone holder has a soft-touch silicone panel that is said to be able to hold almost anything. You can watch the following stop motion animation video to figure out what kind of object this holder can hold…

See how fun this mobile phone holder is? Based on the video presentation above, it seems it can also hold something as heavy as an iPad or even stuffs that are heavier. You might think that the “sticky” surface will get dirty easily, but what’s great is that you can actually wash the sticky surface without decreasing the adhesion. Even better, it compatible with any mobile phone as it doesn’t has any kind of limitation like other phone holder do.

This Gravity Defying phone holder is available right now for £3.99 or about US$6.

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