Cerevo Live Shell Allows Direct Video Streaming To the Web Without PC

Streaming video to the web (e.g. to Youtube) is not hard nowadays. There is camera that could upload directly all video to the web, camcorder, smartphone or even a digital photo frame with access to WIFI network. However, if you haven’t got any of them in your hand, you should check out this new gadget from Cerevo called Live Shell.


Cerevo Live Shell is a new gadget that could stream live video to the web via Ustream without using a computer. Measuring at just 68mm x 120mm x 26mm and weighing in 106 grams only, this portable gadget has a built-in WiFi, USB port, and ethernet port. HDMI and Composite port also included as well for TV/HDTV footage.


Also, it could be mounted on a high end camcorder so that user can upload their recording as soon as possible, without going through a PC processing first.

Price-wise, Cerevo Live Shell is available for 26,800 Yen, or about US$349. You can find the complete features of this Cerevo Live Shell over at Cerevo Japanese site.

[via TechFresh]

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