Over 4 Million Units Pre-ordered On iPhone 4S

Apple has always made the million mark of pre-orders on each time they release a new gadget. We have seen how successful their campaign is, especially the iPad tablet. The same case is happening again on the latest new iPhone 4S which was released recently. The Apple representative is expecting that the sales of the first week will be high, but the mark of 4 millions in just a couple of days is crazy.


What people are expecting on this iPhone 4S? Well, the faster processor, better graphic processing, icloud content storage, 8MP camera for 1080p video recording, iOS 5 are certainly an irresistible features for the Apple fans. Especially in this iPhone 4S, Apple has introduced an interesting virtual personal assistant call Siri.

She will response to all your needs, and she can even reject your love bluntly like what Jonathan has done with his duet video. Siri is kind of funny, but she is proved to be so helpful for voice commands.

We are going to see what kind of success story for this Apple iPhone 4 S. Let’s hope iPhone 5 is also on its way down to the market. It’s the last project by Steve Jobs anyway…

[via Apple, The Cool Gadgets]

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