Changers Solar Starter Kit For Portable Gadgets

Harvesting natural energy is like a dream in the past, however, we are at it now. With the speed of development in solar panel technology, many of the manufacturers have produces a consumer-level type of solar panel or kit that would make charging gadget easier with the help of the mighty sun. The latest solar charger kit has been released by Changers call Solar Starter Kit.


This solar charging solution is coming in two separated elements. First is the Maroshi Solar panel and the other one is the Kalhuohfummi solar battery. In order to fill the battery, users have to connect the Maroshi solar module into the Kalhuohfummi solar battery and expose the solar panel to the sun. The solar panel will generate about 4-watt per hour of natural energy and about 4 hours of time could fully recharge the battery.

Later on, you can use the Kalhuohfummi solar battery to recharge any supported devices such as iPod, iPhone, Android phones, Kindle, portable consoles (PSP, NDS) and other cell phones.

If you are interested, you can take a look for the details at Changers.

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