Londge Unveiling MD808 8-inch Android Tablet

In the common practice, most manufacturer will go for a 7-inch tablet or larger at 9-inch or 10-inch when trying to push their product to the market. I’ve only seen the Galaxy Tab that come with 8.9-inch with an unique size.


However, Samsung is not alone. A company called Londge has introduced their own tablet device called MD808 that has come with 8-inch capacitive multi-touchscreen that support 800 x 600p resolution. This kind of size is pretty unique, as you can’t say it’s small, but not large either.

Specification wise, Londge MD808 Android tablet is coming with dual core 1GHz of CPU (ARM + DSP), 512MB RAM, Android 3.0 OS, 8GB flash storage, has USB, HDMI, audio jack port and 3G card slot, as well as microSD card slot. It has support flash 10.3 browsing thanks to the Android OS, and the thickness is just 11mm.


The beauty of China-made tablet, is the price. This Londge MD808 tablet is only 999 Yen, after conversion, it’s about $168 USD only. Pretty cheap, heh? If you think brand is not a big matter for you, you can actually pay less for a nice performing tablet from China. It’s just sad that the tablet doesn’t support Bluetooth devices, and we are not sure how long the battery life is…


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