Tokyoflash Unveiling Kisai Seven LED Watch


Another watch concept has been transformed into a reality by Tokyoflash – the company that is popular of their weird alien-tech watches. This time, it’s the concept design of Scott Galloway from the UK which looks much like a TRON inspired LED watch design. Known as Kisai Seven, it has a two circle of light design in the middle of the watch and leave nothing but a blank face. To read the watch, you have to figure out the dimmer spot in the light circle in both circles to tell the hours and minutes, while the light rays above and below the circle will tell you the 1-4 minutes. Check out the following video for more details:


This Kisai Seven is not as complicated as some watches from Tokyoflash. No need to count like hell to figure out the time since the circle will clearly point out the hours and minutes, as long as you have a clear idea where the default clock number position is.

If you are interested, this Tokyoflash Kisai Seven is available for a cheaper price at $99 in oppose to the original price at $139. This $40 saving deal is only available for the next 46 hours only, so if you want to save your money, you should go get one right now.

Head on over to Tokyoflash for more details.

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