Adonit Jot Capacitive Touch Stylus For Precision Sketches

Would you like to draw on your iPad (or other touchscreen tablets) with precision, like drawing on a canvas or drawing paper? Using fingers might be practical, but you won’t be able to draw precisely like you would when using pen.

That’s why people are coming up with a solution that would make drawing on touchscreen tablet easier and more precise. We have seen one from Pogo called Pogo Sketch Pro iPad Stylus pen. It could draw a precise line, but sadly since the tip is rather dull and chubby, you would have to do a little guessing on each of your stroke.


Luckily, we now have found a better stylus pen if you want to know where the tip of the pen has landed on the screen. This stylus is called Jot (or Jot Pro) from Adonit. The stylus is coming with a thin clear disc on the head/tip of the pen that allow you to precisely land the tip of the pen to your drawing. If you are good with normal ball pen, then you can use this Jot or Jot Pro to draw anything you want on your tablet like you are drawing on a piece of paper.

The Jot Pro version has a comfortable grip, while the ordinary version is coming without one. Adonit Jot is made with durable aluminum and steel, so rest assure that it won’t break apart easily. Especially on the Pro version, it has a magnetic body that you can use it to stick on your tablet’s bezel. It’s great because most tablet haven’t got any place for a stylus pen, and stylus with case for tablet is pretty lame anyway. With magnetic attachment, you can freely attach the stylus pen on any part of the bezel.

Adonit Jot capacitive Touch stylus is made available in various kind of color flavors, including green, purple, red, gun metal, silver and green turquoise.

If you are interested, you can get it directly from Adonit Official site for $19.99 (Jot) or $29.99 (Jot Pro).

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