Cute Animal Rubber Bands

Want to have something different for your office? check out this unique rubber bands that take the shape of animals.


It’s working like the usual rubber band, however, you can have a little more fun with them. There is duck, dog, seahorse, seagull, turtle and many more. Suitable for kids who love playing with rubber bands.

Animal Rubber Bands

These Animal Rubber Bands are made out of silicone and they’re not just pretty, they’re also quite clever because they regain their original shape after each use, so you can use them over and over again.

These silicone rubber bands are just full of surprises. If you look closely, you’ll see they’re shaped like all sorts of animals and are made to regain their original shape after each use, so you can reuse them as often as you like and leave them to decorate your desk drawer between uses.

There are several types to choose from: Dinos, Farm Animals, Little Creatures, and Wild Things.


These animal rubber bands is available in one pack of 24 pieces for $6.83 at Curiosite. Go get some of them if you are interested.

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