Microsoft Visions Of The Future With Bunch Of Dazzling Technologies

Dreaming about the future is always an interesting thing to do. I’ve envision how human can fly around with using anti-gravity jacket, running leopard-fast by wearing suit with robotic frame, and so on. However, that’s not what in Microsoft’s mind.


Microsoft has published an interesting imaginary of what they call their future. The following video will tease you how easy you can translate any printed text in any language to your understanding by wearing a special “translator glasses”. Also, notice how everything in the interaction is kind of holographic, pop-up like a 3-dimension object where user can interact with.

I would really love to have this kind of future even there is no robotic maid found in the demo. It’s interesting to see my fridge’s content without opening the door, playing 3D-holographic-like games, connecting with workmates in an interactive ways and more.

However, the question is, can we really expect to have this kind of future?

[via TechCrunch]

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