Acer Releases New Touchscreen All-In-One PCs

Nowadays All-in-One PC is growing better and better. They have stronger specs, better features and they are all getting slimmer and sexier.

The latest Acer Touchscreen all-in-One PC could be categorized as the sexy all in one PC. There are two All-in-One PCs introduced this time, first is Acer AZ5 and then the Acer AZ3. From the codenames, you might have figured out which one is the superior one. Yes, Acer AZ5 has 23-inch touchscreen display, while Acer AZ3 is smaller with 21-inch display.


AZ5 also coming with faster Intel Core i3-2120 processor, Radeon HD6410 GPU, while AZ3 is coming with AMD dual core processor and Radeon HD6410 GPU.

There are another two series which have been thrown into the Veriton Z series that are designed exclusively for the business users. However, it doesn’t have better specs than the previous two models as they are only coming with 20-inch LED display and a choice of Intel Pentium G620 processor or Intel Core i5 processor.

As for the pricing, Acer AZ5 and Acer AZ3 is going to retail for $749.99 and $649.99, respectively. While the Acer Veriton Series All-in-One PCs are going to cost $649.99 or above.

[via The Verge]

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