DIY Wall Clock

We have seen a lot of wall clock design in the past. Some are cool, but there also clock with weird design like Koziol Pip Clock, 5-9 clock, and QlockTwo clock. They are so unique that people with unique taste would want to get them for their home. However, if you are not the type that sing along well with unique/weird stuffs and rather want to have a clock that you can customize your own, you can check out this DIY Wall Clock from Curiosite.


DIY wall clock is coming with all of the essential parts for a clock, but they are all separated so you have to put the puzzle piece together before you can use it. It comes with the hour and minute hands, as well as the 12 numbers with optional dots for styling. There are all backed with an adhesive rearplate, which mean you can stick it anywhere you like without limitation.

If you want a rather unique style, you can omit the number like putting only the 12, 3, 6, and 9 on the wall, or even going crazy with random number.


DIY Wall Clock

The best thing about DIY accessories is that they offer you the chance to design them according to your own personal taste and how you plan on using them.
And that’s exactly the case with this wall clock. It’s made up of several pieces with adhesive backing, including numbers 1 through 12, four dots and a set of hands. You decide the rest.

You can stick the clock on whatever backdrop you choose so it’ll match your decor.

You can also organize the numbers in different ways; there’s no reason they have to form a circle. Just use your imagination!


This DIY Wall Clock is currently available at Curiosite for $28.39.

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