Limited Edition Diablo Mobile Amplifiers For Boosting Earphones Performance

Similar to what Audio-Technica AT-PHA30i iPod Amplifier could do, this new limited edition of Diablo Mobile Amp is going to boost the performance of any earphones you’ve got. This amplifier will be able to give any headphones/earphones/earbuds an 11.5 dB boost with minimal harmonic distortion.


Diablo Mobile Amp is coming with a metallic red chassis, and there is a large machined volume control over the top side. It’s quite portable as it’s only measuring at 1.4-inch x 2.0-inch. It will works with any devices that uses 3.5mm audio jack, and there is an additional output port for 3.5mm plug so that you can share your music with your friend.

Diablo Mobile Amp is coming with internal battery (rechargeable lithium battery) that could runs for up to 20 hours per full charge. To recharge the battery, you could simply use the included USB charger cable to your PC or USB power outlet.

This limited edition Diablo Mobile Amp is available soon with announced pricing. You can check out for the details at iASUS-Concepts official site.

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