Twilight Supernova: The Glow-in-the-Dark Golf Ball

Playing golf at night is kind of difficult as you might have a hard time figuring where your ball is. If you have ever wish that the ball could shine brightly so you can easily find it, then this Twilight Supernova will make your wish come true.


Twilight Supernova is a new golf ball that has some kind of built-in impact-activated LEDs that will make the ball shines like blue flame once you’ve hit it. It will increase the visibility at night, and you can easily find it and pick up the ball again even it’s yards away.

Twilight Supernova will flashing for 8 minutes, continues with bright glows for several hours. It would be impossible for you to lost the ball again.

Each of this Twilight Supernova is going to cost you £29.99 (or US$46). If you want to get them, go to Firebox for more details.

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