Voltaic Systems Is Back With A Solar Charger Backpack

Voltaic Systems has announced a new eco-friendly backpack that you can use to recharge your portable gadget while you are walking on the street. It’s a Array 10 Watts solar charger backpack that has come with a removeable solar pocket.


This Voltaic Array is coming with a large 16000mAh battery that could even charge larger device such as laptop. Obviously, smaller gadget like cell phone, tablet or media player are supported. Voltaic Systems has bundled the backpack with a bunch of different connectors and universal adapters.


Talking about its space, this backpack is offering 1,500 cubic-inches of space which is enough to store a lot of thing. It supported 17-inch laptop, has phone poach and several pockets inside the bag.

As for the battery pack, it can be fully charged with the solar panel in 12-hours, but you can still use AC outlet to charge it when there is no sunlight in sight.

If you are interested, you can check out this Voltaic System Array 10 Watt Backpack at Voltaic Systems website.

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