Fake Window With The Bright Blind

Rooms without windows are a pain, not only the air is unable to circulate well, the room is also shady/dark by nature no matter it’s day time or not.

To give a little physiology treatment, like avoiding complete sealed room phobia or syndrome, we can get this cool fake window maker called Bright Blind.


This bright blind is just like the usual window shade design. However, a electroluminescent (EL) sheets has been added to the shade that will glow when turned on. It will fake it as there is a window behind it, as if your room is not a window-less room that you can’t even breath normal.

Although it’s cool, I still recommend that you don’t buy house with room without window. It’s lifeless, unhealthy and a pain in As*.

Well, if you want to get it, you can find the details at Gnr8.Biz.

[via TheCoolGadgets]

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