Royal Data Throne – Geeky, But Kinda Hurt To Sit On…

The merchant at Etsy did it again! They’ve created an interesting toilet called Data toilet from used PCB board that guarantee geeks will love to have them. Well, you can really hunt a lot of cool and geeky stuffs at Etsy if you are a geek (a wealthy geek) because of their creativity is just never end.


This Royal Data Throne is created by a merchant called PCB Creations, where they have a vast collection of gadget made with recycled PCB board. This data toilet is actually a miniature instead of real one that you can sit on. I’m not really feel comfortable to sit on it too. Anyway, this data toilet is just 12-inch x 5 inch, small enough for desk decoration, but never think that it could hold your poo or pee. :)

If you want to own it, you can head to Etsy right now to get it for $500. What a brilliant method to turn trash into gold.

[via Technabob]

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