Dragonfly Surveillance Robot – Another Ninja Stealth Military Spying Gadget

Do you watch the G-Force – hamsters secret agents? If you have ever watched it, then you’ll know a small fly character that looks so high tech, yet very small and almost invisible to the enemy. Well, we were looking at the “impossible” stuff that most likely will never exist since the ordinary fly is not smart enough to obey to some one. However, the current military gadget development has really developed something like this, electronically.

According to the report, researchers has created a super tiny spying tool known as the dragonfly aircraft, which is about 1/5 of your index finger size, and a wide wings that is so identical to a dragonfly’s wings.


This unmanned dragonfly aircraft was created at the Micro-Aviary at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for military spying purpose. Even it’s small, it’s been equipped with super-sensitive motion capture sensor, super tiny motor and two insect-like wings. You can watch the following video for the introduction:

Sadly, no more details offered for this dragonfly aircraft. It would be interesting to see how it work and how far it could fly. Could it possibly to fly to enemy’s camp, collect data, and fly back to the HQ to reporting in is still a big question mark.

[via The Cool Gadgets]

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