HP TouchSmart 620 3D All-in-One Desktop PC Released

HP has released the successor of HP TouchSmart 610 which known as TouchSmart 620-1080 to add full HD and 3D support. As you may have known, most TouchSmart series is an all-in-one system. This 610-1080 is also one of them with a compact and space saving design to give you some breathable work area. The specification of TouchSmart 610 is quite interesting, as you can found Intel Core i5 3.1GHz, 23-inch full touchscreen display, 8GB RAM, 1.5TB HDD, a blu-ray drive and a discrete AMD Radeon HD 6670 graphic card.


The display can be tilt 60 degree down, and according to HP, this new TouchSmart 620 have the most robust touch software suite on the market. Putting the device on the price level of $1,800. It certainly not aiming for the budget strict students. Instead, it’s made for the home users who would love a high performance PC to do most of their jobs and tasks.

However, it’s certainly not aiming for the gamers market as the specification is rather low for them. However, HP touchsmart 620 is capable of playing games as the specs is “enough strong” for some hardcore games, it’s just not quite smooth if you set the setting too high.

HP touchsmart 620 1080 3D All-in-One Desktop PC is set to be available in November 15th, 2011. It’s just a week away of waiting if you really want to get a hold of this system.

[via CNET]

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