Soulo Karaoke for iPad 2 Is Now Available

Want to karaoke even the required equipments are not available near you? Don’t worry, because you can now turn your iPad or iPad 2 into your portable karaoke machine!


BrookStone is introducing the new gadget for your iPad – The Soulo Karaoke for iPad tablet. With this wireless mic and your iPad, you can virtually have a portable karaoke machine everywhere you go. Feeling blue when travelling? just tune in the app, lift up the mic and start singing!

Be a karaoke rock star!
App-controlled Wireless Mic allows you to karaoke with favorite songs in your digital library. With streaming lyrics provided! The wireless receiver plugs into your iPad tablet and suppresses the lyrics so only your karaoke singing will be heard. Off-key? No problem! The Soulo™ Wireless Karaoke Mic has real-time pitch enhancement so you’ll always sound in tune.

This Soulo Karaoke mic is currently available for $99.99 at BrookStone.

[Source: ChipChick]

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