iShampo – Definitely Not Licensed By Apple

Steve Jobs has really created the i-centric trends in the world, and even he has died peacefully, the i-crazy idea still keep popping out. Recently, we found out something that is quite a joke in China. They call it the “iShampo”, which is a shampoo and conditioner brand from some unknown company in China.


This iShampo is definitely not a product by Apple, so if you by chance to visit China and find out about this product, you can buy it for fun. But don’t think it could make your head become as charismatic and smart as Steve Jobs’ head after shampooing!

This is definitely a fun prank pulled by Chinese manufacturer, but somehow they’ve used Apple’s logo illegally(?). Well, if you are interested, you can actually get this 800ml iShampo in Taobao online for 49.9 yuan or equal to $7.85. Hopefully it would smell like apple.

[via Taobao via TechFever, InventorSpot]

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