Light Up Slippers To Guide Your Ways Through The Dark Hallway

Have a regular black-out at night in your area? Aside from buying more candle or LED lamp, you can also equip your feet with this cool slippers called the “Light Up Slippers”.


Unlike normal slippers that are quite useless aside from shielding your feet from the floor, this light up slippers can light up your ways by illuminating the way ahead of you (20 to 25 feet away) so you can walk well without hitting objects along the way, and you don’t really have to carry candle or LED torchlight anymore.

This Light Up slippers is featuring one bright LED light on each of the slipper, which will be activated once you’ve put on the slippers on your feet and start the walk. There is a weight sensor installed in each slippers.

You can also use this slippers during the day time as the light will not turn on as it has some kind of light sensor built-in as well. So if the slippers detect light source other than from its own, it won’t light up at all to save battery life. However, we are not sure how it will detect other light source because no explanation given by the merchant. I doubt it would be able to detect dim light, which clearly demonstrated by the following picture:


Oh, these slippers are coming with rechargeable lithium batteries. But I doubt the battery would last long percharge if every step of your walk is accompanied by the bright light.

As for the pricing, this Light Up Slippers is costing $40 a pop. Interested? Head on over to OpulentItems for more details.

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