LuminAID – Cheap Portable Solar Light

Would you pay $25 for a light source that you can reuse, waterproof and ultra portable? I would. Because such thing would be very useful when something bad happens (earthquake, tsunami, flood, etc.) that will make the electricity goes off for days or weeks.


Well, I’m talking about this new solar light called LuminAID. This solar light is said to be able to provide a maximum of 6 hours low light per 4-6 hours recharging via the solar panel (depending on how bright the sun is). It’s just like trading 1 hour of recharge for 1 hour of light source. It might sounds lame, but you will
appreciate it when disaster really happened.

LuminAID is easy to store because it is not coming as big as the picture above. It’s actually some kind of inflatable transparent plastic bag with the solar panel and device installed in the inner side of the bag. You can deflate it to save space, and inflate it later when you are trying to light up some area.

Since it’s made with a seal container, after inflating the bag, you can even let it float on the water because it’s waterproof. Of course, you have to be careful with sharp stuff as this LuminAID would become less useful when you can inflate the bag anymore.

Here, take a look at how LuminAID portable solar light will help you:

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