BiKN: The iPhone Locator System

We have seen various type of products made available or still in concept stage, about how you can trace and track your belonging and never lose them. There is a concept version for children, to look after a children so you won’t lose them in crowded area called Link Child Locator. There is also something like Insignia Little buddy child tracker that you can purchase one now.

However, if you dislike those solution, you can rest assure now as there is new solution called BiKN that will make everything easier. The only requirement is that you have to own an iPhone, the App and the tracker device that looks a lot like a mini flash drive and you are good to go.


BiKN for iPhone tracking system can let user figure out where the position of their “stuff” easily. For example, you can use it on your suitcase. You don’t have to search for your bag here and there again if you have properly tagged your suitcase with BiKN system. All you have to do is to fire up your iPhone, launch the app, and you can figure out where it is.

Even better, you can use it on your kids, or pets. So no matter how far they stray from their place, you can find them back in no time. According to the official site, BiKN tracking system is capable of tracking up to 8 tags at once, but the downside is that the tag has a battery that you must keep them in fit condition. It would be dangerous when the battery is out and your kid is not somewhere near you.

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