G-Form Extreme Case For iPad 2 – Survive 1300-Feet Drop!

Want to know how sturdy the G-Form Extreme case is? Well, the guys from the company is going to show you how well this case could protect our iPad 2 from drops. We have seen people tested the case protection by dropping the iPad with the G-Form installed from buildings and survives, but if you think it’s not extreme enough, how about a drop from 1300-feet from the sky?


Wow, now that is really something. As you may have known, the higher one thing drop from above, the heavier it will become. I’m not sure if the grass field has some sort of impact absorption to the drop or not, but I’m sure if the iPad is falling down from that height, it will meet its Creator instantly.

So you have known how strong this protection case is, would you get one now? :)

Well, for me, unless I’m super careless, I think the usual protective case is more than enough. But For $59.95 only, I think it would be a nice investment of you valued your iPad 2 more than your life. :)

[via TechCrunch]

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