Speck iGuy iPad 2 Children Case

Got children at home who love to meddle with your iPad? You love them, but you love your iPad as well? well worry not. You can now use this Speck iGuy iPad 2 Children case which is designed exclusively for children.

Speck iGuy iPad 2 children case is made with soft squishy material and a tough EVA foam protection underneath. What’s interesting is the shape of the case. I believe children will love this type of case as it looks pretty fun for them. It has the arms, the legs that looks like a fatty shorty character with wealthy face.


Even it’s for kids, Speck iGuy iPad 2 children case has all the cutouts made available so that you can access to the functions and feature like always. Thanks to the chubby body design, you will not have to worry that your kids will drop it to the concrete surface. The squishy material will protect and absorb the bumps, as well as protecting the rear plate from scratch. Obviously, you have to apply a screen protector if you want to protect the front side.

You can find the details on Speck official website. The pricing for this iGuy is only $40 a pop.

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