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Weapon Pillows For A Better Pillow Fights!

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Pillow fight is definitely one of the most exciting game to play with group of friends on a trip. But if you want to add up some more fun experience, you should at least prepare something like these weapon pillows and bring them along on the next trip.


The weapon pillows featuring several weapons like axe, sword, stick/cane, shuriken or even grenade. However, even if they are cool, I doubt it would be as strong as the normal pillow. :)

These weapon pillow is designed by Bryan Ku, I think he has that kind of sense of humor inside him. No idea how many pillow fight he has gone through, this weapon pillow is definitely a cool addition to spice up the war. Sadly, Bryan Ku is not making them available for purchase. I guess it’s purely his fun side project so that he can have fun with his friend.

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