Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug

Want to keep your coffee or beverage in the correct (hot) temperature while on the go? Sure why not. You can even have the stylish equipment for this purpose. Thinkgeek has introduced us to their Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug – a mug with Ferrari like red color treatment, dedicated old-school temperature indicator and buttons. Kind of like what the steampunk fans would love to steal. :)


This coffee mug evokes a nostalgic feeling that comes with 60′s hot rod muscle cars. With a glossy candy-shell exterior, chrome accents, and beautiful analog gauges and switches, these mugs look fast just standing still. With the included DC adapter, you can plug your mug right into your car’s cigarette lighter 12v outlet, and maintain your coffee’s optimum temperature.

For a sec, this Hot Rod Heated travel mug looks like a mini Espresso machine. The handle is like the usual Milk frother that most semi-automatic espresso machine have.

This Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug is available for $24.99 at Thinkgeek. Go get one if you like them!

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