Next Gen Microsoft Xbox Console To Show Up In CES 2012? Hope So.

xbox-720-consoleRecently, a new rumor has appeared and once again it’s about the next gen Microsoft Xbox console.

We have seen that in the Real Steel movie, the Xbox 720 has appeared in the sponsor list. Although it’s just a movie, I believe they wouldn’t just make it up for nothing. Now, according to Edge, it’s possible that Microsoft will show off the hardware in CES 2012 next year, while the actually console will be hitting the store in late 2012.

However, we are not quite a rumor believer in the first place. It’s sure that Microsoft Xbox 360 console has flooded the market for quite some time now. But it think it’s still too early for the next gen console to appear. 2013 would be a suitable year if they really want to hit the mass with something cool, not 2012.


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