Efi Space Divider Helps You Say “Get The F#&% Away From My Desk” Politely

Want to isolate yourself in your office environment without hurting feeling of others (our workmate or friends)? This Efi Office Space Divider by Matheiu Servais should be a great idea.


It could be install into any office desk, and if you are the boss, you can save money from getting a space divider where you can actually see what’s your crews are working at (or playing at).

Efi Space Divider is like a big lamp shade. All you have to do is to pull the handle to lower it down to your body so people will not disturb you unless it’s important.



Efi is the result of an important user study, where I became conscious of today’s troubles that employees are dealing with in “open space” offices. It consists of a connected space divider which enables office employees to isolate themselves when they need to focus. Lowering down the ring enables them to isolate from physical noise (visual and phonic) but also from digital noise by filtering data receipt (e-mails, phone calls, instant messages…)


More information is available at Mathieu Servais personal website.

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