Steeper Keeper – No Hassle Tea Infusing ‘Technology’

Dislike using tea infuser to make your cup of tea? Using the normal bag tea is pretty easy actually, but the only thing that is quite annoying is the bag string. If you don’t be careful, the string along with the tag will get pulled inside the mug. To troubleshoot this, guys at Quirky have invented a practical mug called Steeper Keeper that could keep the tea bag in place, while make sure the string and tag will never meddle into the tea’s business.


Steeper Keeper is a ceramic mug specifically designed for tea-lovers, with a slotted handle to hold your tea bag in place.

– Simple design.
– 10 oz capacity.
– No hooks, snaps, or extra parts – just run the bag string through the integrated slot and secure the paper tag under the handle.

Steeper Keeper will initially be manufactured in classic bone white, with a contrasting caramel interior. But once it’s a hit, the graphic design possibilities are endless!


This Steeper Keeper is available for $10 only at Quirky. You can find more image gallery there!

[via Gadgetsin]

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