Hammacher Heat And Cold Therapy Massager

Hammacher has a new health gadget called Heat and Cold Therapy Massager. This health massager is believed to be the cheap and easy way to relief your muscles pain by using the heat therapy at the 113-degree F to stimulate the blood circulation, and it also has the cold therapy for fast swelling reduction.


This is the handheld massager that provides both hot and cold therapy. Ideal for relaxing tired muscles or relieving inflammation of stiff joints, its dual thermal system provides 113º F heat that stimulates blood circulation like a hot-stone massage while its 35º F cooling reduces swelling like an ice pack. Unlike vibrating massagers that only stimulate the surface of the skin, its two-speed percussive head generates 2,100 – 2,500 rpm vibrations that penetrate deep into muscles and relieve tightness and knots; its ergonomic head reaches areas that lesser massagers cannot.

This massager is a portable gadget as it require no wire connection to the wall outlet. It comes with internal rechargeable battery that could provide about 45-minute of massage time. It looks like a nice piece of health massager, If you are short of time because of your work, you can really turn this gadget into a lifesaver for just $99.95. Interested? You can check out more of it at Hammacher.

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