Ice Cream Sandwich OS Video Demo On Asus Transformer Prime

NVIDIA has just published a new video demo to show us how cool the Ice Cream Sandwich OS on ASUS Transformer Prime tablet. The movement/transition on the interface is absolutely as smooth as iOS version on iPad 2. NVIDIA made this video to let us know how strong their Tegra 3 is, and at the same time they test how the hardware could play a 1080p video smoothly on ASUS Transformer Prime tablet.

It’s obvious anyway, Tegra 3 could play 40Mbps – 60Mbps streams while Tegra 2 is only capable of playback 5Mbps videos. In the video demo above, NVIDIA crew show us how he can group icons together by dragging one to the top of another, where the ICS (a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4.0) OS would automatically create a new folder grouping the icons neatly.


The demo also showing us how the Tegra 3 works in gaming interface. The hardware could actually showing a much more realistic water effect, motion blurs and more with Tegra 3 SoC. ASUS Transformer Prime with the support of Tegra 3 and ICS OS is believed to be able to grab a lot of attention in the market, especially for those who want to find better alternative to iPad 2.

ASUS Transformer Prime, when it’s launched later in next month, will be the highest performance of all, has the longest battery with the help of the keyboard dock, and most advanced tablet in the market. Can’t wait to see what kind of review will be given to this tablet in December. It could be a nice Christmas Gift as well!

[via UberGizmo]

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