Energizer iSurge Travel Charging Station

When traveling, the thing I hate the most is staying on a hotel that lack of wall outlets. Why? Because I can’t charge all of my electronic gadgets at once so that I can use them again without waiting like a dummy beside the outlet. That’s why I’ve always brought a travel adapter to troubleshoot my problem. Sadly, my travel universal adapter is quite lame as it only allow me to charge one USB gadget through its built-in USB port, and another two gadgets via the AC adapter.


I have no idea of a better solution until I found this Energizer iSurge – a new portable all-in-one AC adapter. This travel adapter is a new charging station that is not only supporting simultaneous charging of 4 gadgets at a time, it also coming with a dedicated Apple’s 30-pin charging dock that would compatible with iPhone and iPod!

Not to mention it also has a nightlight that you can turn it on and off to illuminate the charging zone. You can conveniently charge your gadget even you are in the dark spot.

Sadly, if you are traveling across to the other side of the world where the socket type is different, you’ll still have to bring your own universal travel adapter along with this Energizer iSurge portable all-in-one AC Adapter.

This Energizer iSurge travel charging station is yours for $59.99. Jump to Amazon if you are interested to get one.

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