AppBlaster Interactive Gaming Gun For iPhone


Want to play a different style of shooting game on your iPhone? Go get this appBlaster. appBlaster is new accessory for iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S) in form of a toy gun with a special socket for the iPhone at the top of it. This appBlaster gun is going to be your weapon to fight the monsters and Alien in the augmented reality environment. It works together with a free app called “Alien Attack” from the market, where it will turn your environment into Alien invasion and you’ll have to defend yourself and beat them up.


Introducing the first ever interactive iPhone gaming gun. Fuse reality with the gaming world using your own iPhone. Downloading the free app “Alien Attack” from the app store and locking your phone into the gun sight enables you to change your lounge, office or anywhere you like into a battle ground as you defend your surroundings from an alien invasion! Duck and dive as the aliens appear around your home and take them out before they get you! The appBlaster brings your games to life, and blows any regular shoot-em-up app out of the stratosphere.


appBlaster is not only work with Alien Attack, there are also two more games which you can enjoy now: the Pull! (a clay pigeon shooting app) and Tin Can Alley. According to, there are more games coming soon that will be supported by this cool appblaster gun.

If you are interested, this appBlaster is available for £19.95 at Go get one and start shooting Alien in your home!

[via TheCoolGadgets]

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