3 Man Chess: Newly Developed Chess Game For 3 Players

A chess game for 3 players, yes, you don’t hear anything wrong. This 3 Man Chess is a newly developed board game that allow three player to battle in the one rounded battlefield!


See the board alone has made me dizzy. :)

Well, I’m not a good chess player, but I do know the thrills when facing good opponent. One opponent is enough to make the player dizzy, with the mix of another “grey” player in the field, the game play will be busier and grey player would be able to keep both sides (black and white) as busy as possible.

As for the rules, there are some minor changes. However, this 3 Man Chess is still using the traditional rules as the basic movement guide. You can check out more details on the rules at 3ManChess.

This 3 Man Chess board game is available for pre-order for $40. Depending on your area and country, you might have to add more shipping fee to get it shipped to your address. All orders will be shipped in December 5th, so it might be a great Christmas gift for the board game geeks to have fun in this Winter season while warming up their cold body beside the fire pit or fireplace. :)

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