Freecom Mobile Drive Sq Portable Hard Drive Unleashed

Freecom the digital storage company has unleashed an unique portable hard drive called Mobile Drive Sq. Sq should be standing for the word “Square” as the portable hard drive is square shaped, unlike other portable hard drive that is all rectangle. Looking from the outer design, Freecom Mobile Drive Sq is enclosed with a sandblasted stainless steel case, which proofed to be able to protect the surface from scratches and fingerprints even it’s glossy.


The outer design is designed by Arman Emami, a designer who have won numerous industrial design awards. No wonder is so sleek from outside, and it’s pretty similar like a super thin Apple TV box.

Go into the inner component, there is a 2.5-inch hard drive installed inside. This portable hard drive has fully supported USB 3.0 interface for 6Gbps transfer rate. However, if your laptop or computer is not getting the USB 3.0 upgrade yet, you can still use this portable hard drive in the usual USB 2.0 interface has it’s backward compatible.



Freecom Mobile Drive Sq hard drive is going to be available in two capacity storage: 500GB and 1TB, which will be priced at €109 Euros and €159 Euros.

Head on over to Freecom if you need more information.

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