Pillow Tie – Best Friend When You Fall Asleep On Your Office Desk

Too busy to take a rest and often found yourself fell asleep on your desk? You might want to get this Pillow Tie to increase your sleep ‘quality’.


Over at Amazon, they have stocked these unique Pillow Ties that you can blow it up and use the tie as your ‘portable pillow’ when you really can’t hold your eyelid open in the midnight while doing your overtime works.

The Pillow Tie was invented because “most functions that require a tie deserve to be slept through.”
Sure to come in handy when the meeting goes on too long, this handsome tie hides an inflatable chamber — just blow it up for an instant pillow. Perfect for busy executives, sales managers and anyone who wears a tie to work.

Depend on the color you want, these pillow ties are available in the range of $19.95 to $22 a pop at Amazon.

[via BookofJoe]

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