Crypteks USB: The Only Flash Drive With Dual ‘Hardware’ Encryption

Up until now, the only strong protection for flash drive to prevent from hackers or data thieves is by using the strong 256-bit AES hardware encryption or by using special chip that would self-destruct when hack attempted (like the ironKey). That alone it for protecting the data from intruders, but it won’t be able to protect the flash drive physical body itself. If you need flash drive that has this type of “dual layer” hardware protection (which protect the data inside and at the same time it could protect the physical body of the flash drive), you could take a look at this Crypteks USB flash drive.


Crypteks USB flash drive is a super protected flash drive from inside (using 256-bit AES hardware encryption) and outside. the outside protection is secured with physical locking system with up to 14,348,907 possible combinations using 5 alphabets combination. You would never be able to remove the flash drive from this “outer shell” unless you open it up with the correct combination.

The Crypteks USB is made with heavy duty solid aluminum alloy construction and custom designed radial springs. You can rest assure that it could survive the sadistic drops when it’s store in the case. This flash drive is available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. But sadly it’s still using USB 2.0 interface at the moment.

Crypteks USB flash drive is available in from $130 and $160. You can check out more details at Kickstarter.

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