Transparent Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse Using FTIR Technology

A lot of cool gadgets have appeared in Kickstarter recently that could enhanced our lifestyle. The recent project that we found is the cool idea of transparent touch keyboard and mouse that looks so futuristic and modern. It looks like the no key keyboard from 2008, but the different is that this transparent keyboard is no longer a concept. The creator is trying to raise fund via Kickstarter to support their project, and great news is that they have achieved their goals of $50,000 fund raising.


This transparent keyboard has no special name yet, but it will be given one soon. For now, the creator call it as multi-touch keyboard and mouse.

This Multi-touch keyboard and mouse is using a special technology called Frustated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) Technology. This technology has an embedded camera beneath the transparent board. To be more details, let’s see what the creator has to say:

There are basically infrared LEDs placed at the edge of the glass. In this case, they are hidden inside holes where the glass is mounted to the metal base. Because of the low angle at which the light impacts the internal glass surface, it is bounced around inside the glass, much like looking through a tube to see the reflections on the inside walls. When the glass is touched it frustrates the reflection and the IR light is diffused downward, out of the glass, allowing the camera to see it. Software then determines the location and sends the appropriate information to your computer.


Looks like a sophisticated technology it has there!

However, as a user, you really don’t have to care that much about what’s happening under the hood (unless you are a geek). What you really need to know is how this keyboard could help you get your job done. The transparent keyboard design is rather curved to the front side, with the touch board floating in the space bridge by the light pipes at the lower side.


Looks pretty fragile in my opinion, unless the bridge is sturdy enough to hold the transparent glass while weighted with our hands. Well, if you are interested, you can support this project at Kickstarter. Those who pledge $150 will get the keyboard and mouse and it will be delivered in April 2012.

Since it still have no official name yet, you can also pledge $10 to suggest your our idea. If you are idea is picked as the winner, you’ll get the keyboard set as well!

[via CNET][via Coolest Gadgets]

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