Samsung Flexible Transparent Display Concept Video Is Intriguing!

Samsung is really going nuts with their futuristic gadget and designs. Previously we have seen their flexible phone – The Galaxy Skin, now they’ve got further with their flexible-craziness with their latest concept video on something that is really intriguing!


From that image above, you can see how Samsung is trying to design the future with their crazy transparent display. The idea is really amazing on how you can fold it around without distorting the display, and it could even pop out like a 3D holographic display.

Check out the following video for more details:

I should tell you that it is not a dream anymore, or something from the sci-fi movie. Today’s technology has allow developers to develop something like what you’ve seen in the video above. The only problem now is the cost factor. It would cost a fortune to create something like this, and it wouldn’t hit the consumer-market any sooner as it will be filtered by the higher authority for their military uses first.

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