Tasty Bread Case For iPhone 4


Ow, this is one damn tasty case for your iPhone. As I could say that kids would be fooled by its appearance and they’ll crunch them if they are not warned before. Well, Strapya world has done it again. They’ve stocked weird food-like accessories in the past, and they’ve got a new friend again that will make you hungry but you can’t actually eat them.


This is the soft bread, much like the edible one but it’s not one. It’s also squishy, you can squeeze it as the shape will not change at all. It’s a new iPhone 4 case that would turn your iPhone 4 into a tasty bread, people with no common sense might think it as a real bread so be careful when you bring it around.

There are three type of bread topping available: cream, sugar powder and normal/plain bread. Each of this protective case is priced at $10.4 USD. If you’re interested, go ahead visit Strapya World for more details.

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