Inbox Mini Cargo Crate As Your Desk Organizer

Check this small but useful Cargo crate called “Inbox” that would help you manage your desk from scattering tools or stationary. Shaped like the real cargo crate, it sports an unique design taste for your desk. If you are a people who love unique design, you’ll find these Inbox Mini Cargo Crate as a nice alternative to the usual desk organizers.


Inbox Mini Cargo Crate is designed by Labyrinth design studio from Spain, each pack consist of three unique mini cargo crates in different size which has been placed within the larger crate to save space. The largest one is measuring at 12cm2, middle size crates at 9.5cm2 and the smallest one is only 7.5cm2.

Like the original crate, these Inbox Mini Cargo Crates are created with real wood, and they are also featuring the exquisite details of a real cargo crate, too!


Each of them come with their own wooden cover that you can remove it anytime you want. Now, the sky is the limit for them. You can use it for anything you can thing of that could make them useful. For decoration, desk organizer, planting, storage for gadgets/smartphones, and more.

each desk organizer is constructed of wood, and features exquisite details from the real cargo crate. In addition, each mini container also comes with a wooden cover in order to keep the inside accessories in place. When not in use, the three mini cargo crates can be placed within each other.


This Inbox Mini Cargo crate is available for $53 USD, if you are interested, you can check them out at Designboom Design Store.

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